Recent Movie Reviews Not Always Critically Based

For virtually the entire life of movies and film “critics” have been the only major sources for trust worthy reviews. The purpose of these reviews has usually been to give a warning to the average viewer. But, recently this has changed. Critical reviews tend to affect box office success, awards, and virtually every amount of success as it relates to the specific film. Is this fair? No. But, it seems if a movie is not subjected to critics before its release, it bombs. afilmywap

Now, there are more movie review sites based off new movies than ever before. Are there more critics out there? Well, not really. But there are more people that see movies before they are released to the public. This process tends to soften the critics to some extent and allows more real movie reviews to emerge. Now, are these reviews great reviews, with perfect grammar? Typically not, but that’s OK because they are usually shorter and to the point.

Despite all of the new found critics, this doesn’t seem to affect awards shows. But, that doesn’t really matter. 10 years from now, I don’t think anyone would be happy with “Pirates of the Caribbean” winning the Oscar for best picture. What it does affect is more people. How many new independent films have we seen in the last 10 years. Plenty. Are they all great? No. Most are not critically acclaimed other than by the audience – such as the audience awards, and best of festival prizes.

The good thing about non critical reviews is (as said above) they are short, to the point, and very mainstream. They are badly written with horrible grammar, misleading and often contain spoilers. But, this makes them more real, because this is how you would talk to your friends about the movie you just saw.

The best way to go about reading reviews is to check out both the critical reviews and the normal member reviews. If you prefer Art House films, a critic will more than likely agree with your tastes, while a normal person may not. Find a favorite critic – whether it is because you like his or her style of writing, agree with his movie tastes, or think he or she is intelligent, it is always best to have one has a back up. You can enjoy movie reviews from both critics and your friends but always remember to trust your instincts and you won’t be disappointed with the movie you seek out to see. Remember, trailers aren’t everything.

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